Lily lives with her writer husband in their modern apartment, minus the usual trappings of children and pets.  It’s a quiet life, despite the teeming masses of humanity that share the apartment complex with them.  It is the coming and going of the other residents, plus those across the street also, that compels Lily to obsessively people watch.  Likening her new hobby to “birding”, Lily becomes more and more immersed in being the unseen observer and becomes more organized in her approach to her daily observations. 

Creating a population chart for her complex is just the start.  Pretending she is a doctor, in order to get the preferential slice of the buildings dodgy Wi-Fi, is another step down Lily’s personal corridor of lies and half truths.  Despite being someone who prefers to remain at a distance from the lives of others, Lily finds herself immersed in a local murder mystery. Not only that, she herself becomes a suspect.  Lily may have just seen too much.


Ross Armstrong

Ross Armstrong is an actor and writer based in North London. He studied English Literature at Warwick University and acting at RADA. He's performed on stage with the RSC in shows such as Oppenheimer in the West End and with the Donmar in Hamlet on Broadway, as well as numerous TV appearances including Foyles War, Jonathan Creek, Mr Selfridge, DCI Banks and the upcoming series of Ripper Street.

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