Kate Youngblood is both a college lecturer and a writer of fiction.  Both career paths are currently giving the thirty something professor enormous trouble.  Having written a successful crime novel as her debut piece, it was a high platform from which to dive when Kate’s second novel is nowhere near as well-received as its stellar predecessor.  Will there be a third book, or is it best for Kate to park her writing ambitions for now?

Sam Grist has his intense blue eyes trained on his lecturer and it is not just because Kate’s work has inspired him to write in the same violent genre.  Kate is his ideal and Sam has worked on his future plans for them both over and over in his head.  So much planning, so much care. All that needs to happen now is for Kate to fall in with his meticulous plans.  If Kate rebels or does not appreciate Sam’s efforts, there will be serious consequences for everyone in Kate’s life.


Jody Gehrman

Jody Gehrman is a native of Northern California, where she can be found writing, teaching, reading, or obsessing over her three cats most days. She is also the author of eleven novels and numerous award-winning plays. 

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