Carl Whittley is at home.  He's twenty-two and charged with caring for his crippled father.  It's not much of a life but he has plenty of distractions.  He's just tortured a sexy, young TV presenter to death and he's planning to blow an anonymous commuter to pieces.

DCI Mark Lapslie is at home too.  He suffers from a rare neurological condition that has forced him to leave his family and to avoid the police station.  Already, he is building a reputation amongst his superiors as a nuisance to be avoided - either that or a lunatic.

The strange spate of brutal, apparently inexplicable, deaths has caught the media's attention and the Chief Superintendent is at a loss.  He brings in Lapslie, knowing this case could be enough to break him.  The press will have their lamb for the slaughter and he will be free of the troublesome DCI.

But he hasn't quite got the measure of Lapslie.  The deadly game Carl wants to play might be just what Lapslie needs to come out of hiding.

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Review TOOTH AND CLAW - Nigel McCrery
Karen Chisholm
Friday, February 10, 2012
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Sunday, March 14, 2010

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