Mux Tully, controversial, irrepressible superstar is finally settling down. Or is he? His scapegoat son Douglas and adoring daughter Wendy certainly think so. So does his estranged third wife, the artist Berwyn Kyte. And former lover and long-time friend Isa Truby. But Max loves surprises. And now he is planning one that will outdo anything yet.

When Verity Birdwood comes on the scene she soon realises that this time, Max has gone too far. Cool, logical Birdie is no stranger to murder. But as a routine investigation becomes a hunt for a killer, and terror stalks Max's house by the sea she finds herself caught in a web that nearly costs her her life.


Jennifer Rowe

Jennifer Rowe was born in Sydney, Australia. She obtained a M.A. in English Literature at the University of Sydney. She worked as assistant editor at Paul Hamlyn. She later worked at Angus and Robertson Publishers where she remained for fourteen years, first as editor and finally as publisher. She also writes children's books under the pseudonym 'Emily Rodda'.

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Series: Holly Love

Series: Tessa Vance

Series: Verity Birdwood

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