Morton and Gardner return in a gripping crime thriller.

While the detectives are investigating the devastating murders of two female cops, a third is gunned down in her own home - in front of her family.

Her killer...?

Greg Waller - a 15-year-old schoolboy. His prints are on the weapon and the family who witnessed the cold-blooded murder can testify against him but he still claims his innocence.

To complicate matters, Greg is Detective Gardner's nephew, and his reappearance in her life brings her back in contact with her estranged sister, Jenny.

Taken off the case due to her relationship with Greg, Gardner now has the time to make an attempt at mending her relationship with Jenny and also find the reason her sister walked out on her all those years ago.

Gardner soon learns that her sister's family has a dark past. Determined to find answers, she uncovers the tragic secret that tore her family apart.

Amidst Gardner's family turmoil, the detectives find reason to question whether Greg is actually guilty of his crime. As they continue to struggle with the mind of a manipulative killer, they are forced to question their own judgement - and the true meaning of innocence.


Randall Longmire

Randall Longmire was born in Adelaide, South Australia in 1973. Elephant Speak (2002), his first novel, introduces Sydney Detectives John Morton and Regina Gardner. It is Randall's first published title. His second title Static, another Morton and Gardner blockbuster, was published in October 2004. His third Morton and Gardner novel, Of Poisoned Minds, is yet to be released. Randall has also written numerous short stories and a childrens book. Now residing in Sydney, Randall lives with his fiance Kelli and their cat Polli.

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Series: Morton and Gardner

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