Everybody carries emotional baggage throughout their lives…and most resolve their issues.

But what if one individual won’t let go of a longstanding grudge…and enacts a murderous revenge scheme.

Detective Inspector John Mahoney is confronted with a serial killer intent upon squaring up with his victims in an elaborate and brutal manner. Mahoney and his team in the Serious Crimes Squad must harness the insights of a forensic psychologist to unravel the mindset of their calculating and ruthless foe if the mayhem is to be halted…and if he is to save one of his own.


sj brown

sjbrown is the pen-name of Tasmanian author Stephen Brown. A semi-retired teacher of literature and sport he now devotes the greater part of his energies to the Detective Inspector Mahoney series. Having worked and travelled overseas he is now happily resident in a state (the place) enjoying a resurgence in reputation and is settled in a state (the condition) of exhausted contentment. His intention is to keep writing until he drops off the twig because he knows it is something he feels inspired when doing and he hopes readers will enjoy his depiction of characters under pressure.

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Series: John Mahoney

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