1950 and Flis is returning to Australia after almost twenty years away in Wellington, New Zealand. In all that time she has had no contact with her younger sister Gladdie who is missing, presumed dead. Flis is determined to find out what happened to her. Accompanied by a young man met on the voyage across the Tasman, Flis and her husband Kip travel to the deserted family farm at the foot of the Blue Mountains.

Or is it deserted? Old neighbours with an adopted Aboriginal daughter, an eccentric living in the hills, a pair of half-tamed dingoes and a shifty lawyer form uneasy company. The farmhouse holds its own secrets - a blossoming wattle grows from a hole in the floor, an ancient Scottish bed proves the recent presence of a child and the cellar is alive with secrets.


Lily Woodhouse

Lily Woodhouse is the Australian pen name of award winning New Zealand author Stephanie Johnson.

Pseudonym Of

Stephanie Johnson

Stephanie Johnson is the author of several collections of poetry and of short stories, some plays and adaptations, and many fine novels. The New Zealand Listener commented that ‘Stephanie Johnson is a writer of talent and distinction. Over the course of an award-winning career — during which she has written plays, poetry, short stories and novels — she has become a significant presence in the New Zealand literary landscape, a presence cemented and enhanced by her roles as critic and creative writing teacher.' the Shag Incident won the Montana Deutz Medal for Fiction in 2003, and Belief was shortlisted for the same award. Stephanie has also won the Bruce Mason Playwrights Award and Katherine Mansfield Fellowship, and was the 2001 Literary Fellow at the University of Auckland. Many of her novels have been published in Australia, America and the United Kingdom. She co-founded the Auckland Writers and Readers Festival with Peter Wells in 1999.

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Review The Sisters' Lover, Lily Woodhouse
Karen Chisholm
Wednesday, August 19, 2020
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Review The Sisters' Lover, Lily Woodhouse
Karen Chisholm
Wednesday, August 19, 2020

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