Dan Calder is back. Back in his native England once again to help his best friend and ex-partner Nick Hetherington. Nick’s daughter has been arrested in connection with the death of a Nottingham prostitute. Back to face his darkest moment as old acquaintances and old enemies set his cupboard full of skeletons rattling once more. 

‘The Second Grave’ has Calder facing the battle of his life to fulfil a solemn promise to his dearest friend. New foes including a local gangster are prepared to do anything to prevent the truth being revealed.Left at home in New Zealand, Calder’s girlfriend Tara senses he also views this return as an opportunity to settle old scores. Time and the odds are against him; incredibly so too the upholders of law itself, his beloved police force. 

Rushing headlong towards the past; whoever coined the phrase you couldn’t even make this stuff up was very wrong.


Ian Austin

Ian Austin was born in 1963 in Southampton, England. His very un-remarkable school life ended at 16. Drifting into and out of several jobs including hotel porter and photocopier salesman he eventually found his salvation in the Hampshire Police. A career as first a constable and then detective in the UK followed, where he also served as a tactical firearms officer, covert surveillance operative and National Crime Squad trainer.  He transferred to the New Zealand Police in 2003 having visited several times before and falling in love with the country and the Kiwi way of life.  He left the police in 2006 to set up a training and consultancy business. He now lives in Auckland with his artist partner Sallie. 

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Review The Second Grave, Ian Austin
Karen Chisholm
Saturday, June 8, 2019

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