'There is no god,' I told him. Then I drove the syringe up into his nostril and straight through the side of his nose.'Joe Panther is a psychotic, alcoholic, violent, substance-abusing heroin dealer. He is also, he believes, Joshua Ben Pantera, born two thousand years ago, the son of Mary and the Lord God Yaweh Himself, not dead yet, the crucified Jesus: still around, abandoned by his Father, abused by the world, and as pissed off as hell.

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Andrew Masterson

Born in Cornwall in the UK in 1961, Masterson emigrated to Australia in 1968, and has moved between the two countries ever since. He has been a journalist since 1984, writing about music, popular culture, design, arts and television, as well as covering hard news stories. Masterson has also worked as an actor, a second-rate musician and once spent several years as a human statue outside nightclubs in Melbourne and Perth to attract patrons. John the Baptist was his favourite impersonation. His hobbies include drinking and playing pool. After his first novel, The Last Days, won the 2000 Ned Kelly Award for best first novel, Masterson became the first Australian novelist ever invited to address the prestigious Noir In Festival in Courmayeur, Italy. Interview in Delos, an Italian sci fi e-magazine: http://www.delos.fantascienza.com/international/?5512

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