The Second Cut features a thrilling selection of stories culled from the Scarlet Stiletto Awards held annually by Sisters in Crime Australia.

This sequel to the bestselling First Cut features the 1st Prize winners from 2007 – 2010, and a selection of category winners from the 17-year history of the Scarlet Stiletto Awards.

A superb collection of page-turning mysteries in which fabulous female protagonists solve – and sometimes perpetrate – all kinds of crimes. Featuring cops, killers, PIs, crooks and amateur sleuths, these award-winning stories will have you on the edge of your seat, will chill your blood and sometimes make you laugh out loud.


Sisters in Crime Australia

Sisters in Crime Australia have now published two collections of Scarlet Stiletto Award winning short stories.

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Review Scarlet Stiletto: Short Stories 2013
Karen Chisholm
Wednesday, December 18, 2013
Blog CR - Scarlet Stiletto: short stories 2013
Karen Chisholm
Monday, December 2, 2013
Review THE SECOND CUT - Scarlet Stiletto Award Winners, edited by Phyllis King
Karen Chisholm
Friday, December 16, 2011
Review THE FIRST CUT - Scarlet Stiletto Award Winners, edited by Lindy Cameron
Karen Chisholm
Tuesday, December 13, 2011
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