Room 22 is set in Cairns, Australia and is a thrilling, thinking man’s whodunit with a myriad of twists.

A serial killer is on the loose on the beaches of Cairns and is terrifying the community and Frank Holler must catch the villain quickly. The mysterious Jack Firebrace may be the link that Frank needs but will he figure it out in time to save the woman in Room 22.

Every person Frank meets raises the level of intrigue as the wide variety of suspects and interesting people whose lives are intertwined with twists and turns keep the reader guessing to the very last page


Bernard Rossi

Bernard Rossi was born in Frankston and lived there until he joined the Royal Australian Air Force at 20 years of age. He spent 11 years in the RAAF as an engine fitter working with the Roulettes and on F111s before owning and operating his own business. Bernard has worked in mines and hotels and has spent time in the Public Service. He has been writing in one form or another for almost thirty years and has had a number of short stories and poems published and is now concentrating on his books. Bernard still works full time as a manager in an IT area but is spending more and more time concentrating on a career as a writer.

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