Journalist Annie Bryce just can’t help herself. On the run from a killer who wants her dead before she can testify in a murder trial, she and photographer Steve are hustled out of town for their own protection. But even on the arid gemfields of central Queensland Annie’s nose for mystery finds fertile ground. 

Probing the secrets of a  long-dead wheeler and dealer in sapphires, she once again discovers that there’s no escaping the dark shadows of the past …


Pat Noad

Pat Noad lives in Brisbane but does most of her writing with sand between her toes on the Sunshine Coast. Rockhound is her second novel in the Annie Bryce mystery series, and she has finished drafting the third, which has the working title of Backwash. A founding member of CrimeWriters Queensland, she is still active in the group and a number of her short stories have been published in CrimeWriters Queensland’s anthologies and elsewhere.

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