As they rounded the corner of the shed, Bridget saw Odysseus. He was sitting on the low wall above the beach, gaing out to sea; bright hair and beard, golden body; numinous. He turned his head and smiled at them. "Hi" he said.

Bridget reluctantly joins a cruise in the Greek Islands, still haunted by her brief married life in Singapore with high-flying Mike, recently killed in a car crash in Malaysia. She shares a table with English couple Philip and Lally, and Californians Jo and Pete. They are joined by Norwegian Per, who knew Mike. Why do they seem to be expecting her, and why is the steward in her cabin so often? When Bridget fails to return from a shore trip in Crete Philip's Interpol mind goes into overdrive and journalist Jo envisages the big story. The police hear different interpretations of events, and of Bridget, from each of them. What is the truth? As in the film Rashomon, perceptions are distorted and reality is blurred.


Isa Moynihan

Born in Ireland, Isa Moynihan lived in Singapore and Malaysia before settling in New Zealand. She is fiction editor of Takahe literary magazine and has been published in anthologies and literary magazines in New Zealand and overseas. In 1996 Isa won the Reed Fiction Award for her collection, Sex and the Single Mayfly.



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