Problem Solved is a true crime memoir following the life of Andrew Chambers, who at the end of his career was known as ''the blind private eye'. The book is based on true stories that reveal the clandestine, funny, and often confronting world of private investigations.  Andrew worked in Australia and across the globe tackling varied and demanding jobs and shares stories about staking out unfaithful spouses, going undercover to investigate workplace harassment, investigating embezzlement, insurance fraud, cracking a South East Asian child prostitution ring and performing corporate espionage in the final days of Alan Bond’s career.  

In a fateful twist, Andrew also confronts the lifelong mystery as to why his parents gave him up for adoption to discover the true nature of his beginnings. Problem Solved tells the story of Andrew’s struggle with blindness, and continued pursuit of his career where, surrounded by a strong team led by his son, Andrew repositioned himself as the blind private eye.  

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Review Problem Solved: True Stories from a Blind Private Eye
Karen Chisholm
Wednesday, September 6, 2023

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