​​'‘... ​​a block of shadow pushing against a diffusing moonlight, the golden halo spreading out into the vineyards from its sides draining into the night like blood on a carpet’

People-smuggling, corruption and murder test the boundaries of truth and freedom in this explosive thriller.

Art Lazaar is a writer with a poetic licence that ties him to a past he can’t escape; contracted to a mysterious government agency while doubling as an academic. In the week the election is announced, he receives a call from a figure connected to that same past : he must protect a young asylum seeker running from those who murdered her brother. It’s not a request he can refuse.

As the situation escalates, Lazaar is threatened with arrest, kidnapped, tortured and left for dead in the street, while the suspects disappear, die, or leave the country in the nick of time until he is left with no choice, a buried truth, and the only weapon in his arsenal …

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