Jasmine Parks, the C.I.A's "go-get" girl has been teamed up with another C.I.A. hot property, the vampire Vayl.  Vayl has the pre-requisite few hundred years on the clock and now works for the light, if you will pardon the expression.  Jaz doesn't like to ask the question on why it was Vayl put out the request to have her pretty well clamped to his side all night (and protecting his dead/sleeping form during the day), but she's not complaining.  The guy is good at what he does, however frustrating a manner in which he sometimes conducts himself or treats her.  You just can't stamp out those olde-time good manners, no matter how hard you try to ignore them.

Becoming one half of a rather dynamic duo, Jaz likes to think it is her skills and not her fine good looks that send the bad guys reeling.  There's all manner of creatures that walk the night, and she is employed to keep both them in check and the public safe from the various skirmishes and wars constantly brewing between the various forms of the immortal and undead.  Each have their own rules and protocols which must be strictly followed if you plan on getting rid of their sometimes ecto-plasmic hides.  Jaz learns fast that even if you can't see, smell or touch the bad guy sometimes, it doesn't mean he's not there.


Jennifer Randin

I’ve spent all my life in the Midwest, which has certainly shaped my perspective on all kinds of issues, from the question of whether or not we really have an accent, to the many and varied uses of corn.

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Series: Jaz Parks

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Review ONCE BITTEN, TWICE SHY - Jennifer Randin
Andrea Thompson
Tuesday, January 22, 2008

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