Strange and sinister things are happening in the City of Sails. A private eye with a briefcase full of scandalous photos is clinically assassinated in a basement car park. A businessman who seems to have it all plummets to his death from the Harbour Bridge. And a clue is discovered to the mysterious suicide of a teenage girl at an exclusive school ball. When a magazine decides to investigate, it calls on the services of occasional journalist and failed gigolo Reggie Sparks. 

Soon Reggie finds himself chasing a story in which blackmail and double dealing are the order of the day and some secrets are dark enough to kill for. Highly original, gripping, deftly plotted and blackly humorous, and featuring a rogue' gallery of weird and wild characters, Old School Tie is the thriller NZ fans of crime fiction have been waiting for...... 


Paul Thomas

Paul Thomas was born in the UK and grew up in New Zealand. He graduated from the University of Auckland and subsequently worked in journalism and public relations in Auckland, London, Toulouse and Sydney. He won the Australian Ned Kelly Award for his first book, Dirty Laundry. All of his books have been published internationally to widespread critical acclaim and commercial success. A full time writer, Paul has also worked in newspapers and advertising. He lives in Elizabeth Bay, Sydney, Australia with his journalist wife.

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Series: Tito Ihaka

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