D.J. Smith is recovering from injuries sustained the line of work.  Her superior officer assigns her to investigate a tip-off that the owners of a private hotel in Scotland are involved in drug trafficking.  She expects this particular investigation to be easy: a busman’s holiday.

However it’s not to be.  D. J. hits one hurdle after another. To begin with the sign, “No pets will be entertained on these premises” means she has to smuggle in Gorgonzola, her cat.  She finds an array of possible suspects.  The owners, the dour, sour Mrs Mackenzie and her almost silent husband Murdo,  are prime suspects.  But who are they working with?  Surely not Felicity Lanelles, “gastronome extraordinaire”.  Or perhaps the colourfully dressed Italian Gina Lombardini is involved.  Or could it be the golf-obsessed Mr Spinks?  Waldo M. Hinburger Jnr acts so much like a gangster he has to be dodgy.

Posing as a tourist, D. J. dashes about the landscape to tourist haunts, trailing suspects.  One after another her suspects are eliminated - literally. And someone is trying to eliminate her as well.

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