It was a nice day for a barbeque; a nice day for a family get together. Everyone was there, including dreaded Aunt Val, who, it seemed, enjoyed giving the younger ones a hard time. But when she went to lie down, she didnt get up, and it turned out to be a nice day for a murder.

This is a classic whodunit, set in Sydney. Ben, a newspaper journalist and nephew of the victim, quickly finds himself a suspect for the murder. With the police unable to work out the truth, he needs to. 


Chris Broadribb

Chris Broadribb has been writing since she was six. She has written articles, reviews, short stories and a novella and is currently working on a full length novel. She has a Master of Arts in Professional Writing from UTS. She also has a computer science degree.

She has worked as a computer programmer, webmaster, IT support person, clerk, secret shopper, charity collector, telemarketer, leaflet deliverer, cleaner and kitchenhand.

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