Australia's leading legal historian examines the chain of events that occurred between Ned Kelly's last stand at Glenrowan and the day he faced the public executioner revealing the truth behind the drama, intrigue, and pathos of the death of Australia's most notorious outlaw.

Ned Kelly - Australia's beloved national icon - was once just a bushranger who had to be punished for his crimes. In 1880, everyone wanted him dead.

There are many stories that form the Kelly myth. But the side of the story rarely told is what really happened in the 137 days between Ned's last stand at Glenrowan and the day the hangman's noose was placed around his neck. Who was with him in his last hours, and why did he have so many powerful enemies? Ned Kelly's Last Days exposes the blatant cover-ups, the corruption and the rampant press baying for blood that were ultimately Ned Kelly's death sentence.

Piecing together a vast jigsaw of obscure records and unpublished material, Alex Castles sets the record straight on the highly questionable judicial processes of the time and sheds a whole new light on the life and death of the most famous bushranger of them all.


Alex C Castles

Born and bred in Melbourne, Alex Castles was an Emeritus Professor of Law and taught for more than thirty years at the University of Adelaide. A graduate of the Universities of Melbourne and Chicago, he was a long time radio and television broadcaster and the author or co-author of eight books on Australian law and history. In 1995 he published to wide acclaim The Shark Arm Murders, the true story of a macabre unsolved murder that occurred in the Sydney underworld of the 1930s. Alex died suddenly in December 2003 with the manuscript for Ned Kelly's Last Days all but complete.

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