Rock-star-turned-detective Andrew "The Lizard" Zirk decides to take a vacation with his gorgeous chauffeuse, Fleur. And what better destination than a new resort on the Indonesian island of Ulambor. But no sooner have they polished off their first plate of gado gado than their romantic retreat is ringing with the shouts of the Dynamos, an Aussie soccer team fresh from an unexpected defeat in their grand final. Tensions in the team are running high when an ominous series of events has the guests quaking in their espadrilles.


Dave Warner

Born in Bicton Western Australia, Dave was originally known in Australia as a Punk Rocker famous for his song "Suburban Boy" and for refusing to appear on Countdown :)

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Series: Andrew The Lizard Zirk

Series: Blake Saunders

Series: Dan Clement and Snowy Lane

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