Eight different women. One thing in common: serious crime.

A cabinetmaker, private investigator, journalist, mystery lady, homemaker, police officer, true-crime writer and flavourist. Between them they witness, investigate, perpetrate and are victims of serious crime. Murder in the midst of carjacking, fraud, statutory rape, theft, vindictive bullying and serial arson.

It is on each of these women to uncover the truth, stop the villains, save themselves, exact retribution or get away with murder. All eight come out fighting. Some find and lose love, or suffer the ultimate betrayal.

This gripping collection of Sandi Wallace’s short crime fiction includes award-winners ‘Sweet Baby Dies’, ‘Ball and Chain’ and ‘Fire on the Hill’, along with new and never-before released stories.


Sandi Wallace

Sandi is a crime writing personal trainer who lives in the Dandenong Ranges outside Melbourne. Sandi wrote her first book at the age of six and started inventing songs (in the shower) around then too. A steady diet, also from an early age, of all types of mysteries led to a grown-up addiction to crime fiction in film and print; and to dreams of becoming a crime writer. Sandi's short story 'Silk Versus Sierra' won the Best Investigative Prize in the 2013 Scarlet Stiletto Awards; she was longlisted in the 2013 Ned Kelly Awards Sandra Harvey Short Story Award; and was a finalist in the 2012 Cutthroat Journal Rick DeMarinis Short Story Contest. Sandi also writes a regular health and fitness column. Stints as banker, paralegal, cabinetmaker, office manager, executive assistant, personal trainer and journalist all provide inspiration and fodder for Sandi’s stories. She's convinced if she hadn’t turned to writing, she would have been a police detective. Sandi lives in the beautiful Melbourne hills with her husband and furry family.

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Series: Harvey and Franklin

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Review Murder In the Midst, Sandi Wallace
Karen Chisholm
Friday, October 2, 2020

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