Imagine being pulled over for speeding and then having to lend the policeman a pen so he could write out your ticket. This happened when a motorcycle policeman left his pens at the office.

And there was the time a policeman pulled over a young buck and while inspecting his car managed to run over him - with his own car!

And then there was the off-duty policeman who went to the aid of a woman in distress - only to discover she was in the throes of passion, not terror!

And there was the policeman who locked himself out of his own police station.


Shirley Hardy-Rix

Shirley Hardy-Rix began work in mainstream media as soon as she left school, spending eight years reporting crime and courts on television and radio. Shirley's first book, Cops, Crooks and Catastrophes, was published in 1992. She then published A History - The Tin Shed and Beyond, an anecdotal history that traces the growth of the Watsonia RSL Sub-branch from its humble beginnings. She co-authored True Blue: Stories of Bravery from Victorian Police with Chief Inspector Ralph Stavely. Her fourth book, More... Cops, Crooks and Catastrophes (Hybrid Publishers), was published in 2001. It takes the reader into the world of crooks who shouldn't have taken up a life of crime and exposes the frailties the police would rather you didn't see. It contains more than sixty stories which reveal those embarrassing moments from both sides of the law.

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