The Missing Masterpiece is a satirical spoof on the snobbish world of art collectors. Ian Callinan uses his insider knowledge to have some wicked fun at the expense of our State art galleries. He exposes a nexus of self-serving politicians, a gallery director's lust for power and prestige, and a fair amount of gossip, intrigue and fraud. We follow the farcical adventures of a hapless innocent in this devious world as he sleuths away in his quest for the missing masterpiece.

Anyone who has ever wondered how the experts decide what hangs on the walls of our State art galleries will love this book.


Ian Callinan

Ian Callinan is one of the very few Australian authors writing knowledgeable and sophisticated modern fiction about Australian people of affairs and means. Each of his books finishes with a momentous and thought-provoking impact. He has a considerable published oeuvre including plays produced in Brisbane, Australia, Brazilian Blue, The Cellophane Ceiling and The Acquisition, reviews of stories, biographies and television, short stories and occasional pieces. This is to say nothing of his vast output of legal writing. He is, and has been since 1998, one of the seven justices of the High Court of Australia. Ian Callinan lives in Brisbane with his wife and two cattle dogs.

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