The snow covered all tracks, as the killer knew it would.  But it couldn't hide the victim, the man who now hung naked from a lonely tree on a frozen plain.

Malin Fors is first on the scene.  A thirty-one-year-old single mother, Malin is the most talented and ambitious detective on the Linköping police force, but also the most unpredictable.  She must lead the investigation while keeping her fractured life on the rails.


Mons Kallentoft

After being awarded the Swedish equivalent to the Whitbread Award for his debut novel Pesetas, Mons Kallentoft chose to give his own unique take on the classic Scandinavian crime novel. His success was immediate. The first book in the series about superintendent Malin Fors received unanimous praise from the national critics; it also conquered the bestseller charts and has today sold more than 300,000 copies in Sweden alone


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Series: Malin Fors

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