At discreet Deepdene, the guests are ready to test for themselves the makeover mansion's claim that every woman can - with expensive encouragement - realise her full beauty.

Outside the rain begins to fall. Inside, beneath the smooth surface of the Deepdene routines, undercurrents stir and gather strength. Soon it is clear to Verity Birdwood that all is not what it seems. But even sharp, resourceful Birdie does not suspect that within Deepdene's silk-lined walls is an enemy with murder in mind.


Jennifer Rowe

Jennifer Rowe was born in Sydney, Australia. She obtained a M.A. in English Literature at the University of Sydney. She worked as assistant editor at Paul Hamlyn. She later worked at Angus and Robertson Publishers where she remained for fourteen years, first as editor and finally as publisher. She also writes children's books under the pseudonym 'Emily Rodda'.

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Series: Holly Love

Series: Tessa Vance

Series: Verity Birdwood

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