At the urgent plea of a friend, Tweed and his team put their own lives at risk as they investigate the murder of the formidable matriarch of the most powerful bank in Europe. A dangerous secret is unearthed which proves that the bank's origins were linked to a brutal crime many years before.


Colin Forbes



Pseudonym Of

Raymond Harold Sawkins

Raymond Harold Sawkins was a British novelist, who mainly published under the pseudonym Colin Forbes, but also as Richard Raine, Jay Bernard and Harold English. He only published three of his first books under his own name.Sawkins wrote over 40 books, mostly as Colin Forbes. He was most famous for his long-running series of thriller novels in which the principal character is Tweed, Deputy Director of the Secret Intelligence Service.

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Country of Origin


Series: Tweed and Co

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Review THE MAIN CHANCE - Colin Forbes
Karen Chisholm
Thursday, October 4, 2007

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