He's the nation's chief law maker. His daughter is fighting for her life in intensive care, a victim of a terrible crime. Will he ignore the prime minister's demands and his own laws to save her? Or will politics and the Catholic Church prevent him from doing his job?

Treasurer, Parker Osborne, initiates a covert plan, in partnership with Vatican emissary, Cardinal Rosseau, to guarantee proposed euthanasia legislation is destined for failure in the national parliament triggering a leadership challenge.

Leadership rival and Attorney General, Charles Stevedore, witnessed his wife suffer a prolonged death and agrees to prepare euthanasia legislation for the prime minister. He is forced to question his politics when his daughter is brutally attacked and left for dead, now surviving on life-support. Will he switch off the machines ... or not?

Cardinal Rosseau captivated by the ferociousness of Australian politics plans his own coup d'etat whilst Osborne counts his numbers and prepares to take high office knowing his elevation to prime minister will witness the crucial end of euthanasia legislation.

In a surprising development, the prime minister makes a decision which changes everything.


The Kill Bill is a gripping political thriller featuring emotional and surprising plot twists, convincing characters, and exposes the black-art of politics that will have you cheering. If you like fast-paced, page-turning thrillers that draw you into the story then Richard Evans' fourth book will not disappoint you.


Richard Evans

Richard Evans was born in Williamstown, in Australia. His eclectic career included service as a national industry leader, corporate senior executive, business owner, semi pro-footballer, actor, and media commentator. He was elected to the Commonwealth Parliament of Australia during unprecedented times in the 1990s, giving his books added authenticity. There's a political story everywhere. As a political insider, Richard recognises the tribalism, the warped egos, the ruthless power, and the lonely insecure life of a politician, therefore writing thrilling character-driven stories about this exotic, mysterious world. He is presently writing three series. The Democracy Trilogy provides insight into the ruthless nature of politics and the politicians doing whatever it takes to get what they want. The Referendum Series examines the social dilemmas within a community with the government seeking to hear from the population via referendum. Contemporary issues are examined, such as First Nation rights in Forgotten People, euthanasia in Kill Bill, and water rights in The Mallee. Jack Hudson MP is a 10 book series beginning with Horrible People and follows the power struggles and personal challenges of a novice member of parliament's career seeking to reach the ultimate leadership role of Prime Minister. Richard lives above a pub, opposite a church with his wife in the small bayside village of Williamstown, overlooking Melbourne, Australia.

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Review The Kill Bill, Richard Evans
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Thursday, December 30, 2021
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Review The Kill Bill, Richard Evans
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Thursday, December 30, 2021

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