Detectives Reef Kahili and Kalani Rogers get called out to a missing person’s case. Is this a misadventure, misper or murder inquiry?

Three friends from childhood are caught in a deadly, emotional battle. Has a love triangle gone wrong? Just how far would it take to push someone who’s been rejected by a lover? Or has Mark McGraw simply had enough and jumped ship?

Nothing seems to add up in the “he said, she said” situation. Who’s telling the truth? And what’s the real motive behind Mark’s disappearance?

Why does a man who seems to have everything going for him, a lovely girlfriend, loving family, good business, and a happy, uneventful life suddenly go missing?

While Reef’s worrying about this case, he’s also got ‘ohana things on his mind. And Kalani might just have met his match in Lily—finally. Reef’s anxious about another match with Hibby, and he’s also concerned for hanai son Akuna who’s on the Hokule’a with sea trials. The Big Island’s about to get hammered again. Hurricane Walaka’s building in the Pacific, about to cut his dangerous swathe across the Hawaiian Islands. Will Akuna come home safely, and will they find Mark dead or alive?

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