A bizarre case. Five brutal murders. Corpses covered in an intricate pattern of dozens and dozens of bites. Like those a vampire would make.

It starts out like just another case to bounty hunter Jacqui West. All too soon it becomes a tangled web where the present is connected to the past and the future is a nightmare in the making. Jacqui seeks assistance from fellow hunter Alex Konstantinidis, a white witch and a psychic.

Jacqui will need to draw on all her cunning, ruthlessness and knowledge to stop the killers. What she doesn’t need is one conversation after another with a vampire named Prince Vladamir. Jacqui kills vampires. She doesn’t save them. And what does she get for her trouble? She is gifted with an acrimonious, hate-filled, gorgeous vampire named Hunter. What’s a girl to do?


Loretta Janssen

Loretta Janssen attended Monash University, Churchill, Victoria studying psychology and English Literature. Later she went on to become co-owner of a bookshop with her husband, Pete. She has four children, one psycho horse, a cat named Night and currently lives in Tasmania

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