The campaign to free the handsome and misunderstood Dennis from a US prison has become Samantha’s life crusade and there seems to be no one discouraging her.  The brakes of good sense are simply never applied and before she can blink, Samantha is married to a convicted felon, having convinced herself that she is the only one able to make such a troubled and beautiful soul truly happy. Joining up with a tv production team keen to continue the public’s fascination with the young and attractive murderer, Samantha’s new relationship is played out in real time and online to thousands of followers. 

Dennis on the outside is vastly different to the man first met by Samantha when he was in prison restraints. The eyes of the world won’t be on him forever though and young Samantha feels she has proven her commitment, uprooting her whole life in the UK to support the man she has fallen for and believes innocent of the murder of a young girl.  Surely it should be Samantha’s greatest wish, to be alone with the man who has given her life new direction and purpose?

Year of Publication
Review Review - The Innocent Wife, Amy Lloyd
Andrea Thompson
Tuesday, July 3, 2018

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