One cold autumn night, a woman is found hanging from a beam in her summer cottage by Lake Thingvellir.  At first sight, it appears to be a straightforward case of suicide; the woman, Maria, has never recovered from the loss of her mother two years earlier and had a history of depression.  But when Karen, the friend who found her body, approaches Erlendur and gives him the tape of a séance that Maria had attended, his curiosity is aroused.


Arnaldur Indridason

Arnaldur Indridason has the rare distinction of having won the Nordic Crime Novel Prize two years running. He is also the winner of the highly respected and world famous CWA Gold Dagger Award for the top crime novel of the year in the English language, Silence of the Grave. Arnaldur’s novels have sold over twelve million copies worldwide, in 40 languages, and have won numerous well-respected prizes and received rave reviews all over the world.

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Series: Erlendur

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Review HYPOTHERMIA - Arnauldur Indridason
Karen Chisholm
Tuesday, November 9, 2010
Blog Currently Reading - Hypothermia, Arnaldur Indridason
Karen Chisholm
Wednesday, December 16, 2009

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