Hugh Walker, 32, a successful lawyer with an attractive girlfriend and executive office view, seemingly has it all. So why does he identify more with his resident cockroach than Atticus Finch, his childhood hero?

Could it be because he is cheating on his girlfriend and representing greedy insurance companies instead of the vulnerable underdogs who he always thought he'd be defending? Has his good side deserted him? Is there a way back?

Hell Has Harbour Views is for anyone who has, in a private moment, realised that their life has turned out differently from what they wanted and expected. Sydneysiders will recognise their own town, everyone else will laugh out loud at the overwhelming brashness of this city. And readers will chuckle and tremble at the ruthlessness of those on their climb to reach the harbour view.

First-time novelist Richard Beasley gives us a biting, witty, disturbingly honest novel about the pitfalls of city life.


Richard Beasley

Richard Beasley is a lawyer, practising at one stage in Adelaide but now back in Sydney. He's probably best known in Australia for his work on Hell Has Harbour Views which was turned into a moderately successful TV show by the ABC.

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