Carolyn Pickles retraces the true story of how 11 people came to be brutally cut with a deadly sharp implement, in a spate of attacks that left a town in a state of fear and police mystified about the identity of the attacker.

Halifax, West Yorkshire, 1938. The hunt is on for a razor-wielding attacker, possibly a murderer. The papers name him 'The Halifax Slasher'. A huge reward is offered for leads to his arrest. Vigilante groups form, and innocent men are set upon. Baffled, police argue with each other about how to catch the suspect.

This real-life whodunnit is told in the voices of victims, police officers, newspapers, townsfolk and historians.

The evidence is all here. Can you guess the Slasher's identity?

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Review The Halifax Slasher
Karen Chisholm
Friday, October 2, 2020

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