Set between 1965 and the 1980s, first in the heart of workaday Brisbane and later in the subtropical surroundings of the Gold Coast hinterland, "The Groundsman" is a story of family violence, suppressed sexual tension, rage and greed.

The Nettleton brothers, Mark and Colin, have waited patiently for most of their lives to inherit their father's fortune which will make up to some extent for the abuse he heaped on them since they were small boys. When their prize is reasonably within their grasp and the long period of waiting seems to have finally paid off, fate deals an unexpected card. The process of inheritance must now be speeded up and the brothers' chance encounter with the groundsman, Wieczorek, might prove to be the way to solve their dilemma. But Wieczorek is lonely, mad and dangerous...


William Youatt-Pine

William was born in the United Kingdom in 1938 but has lived in Queensland since 1968. Married to a retired schoolteacher and with one married daughter who is a psychologist, William lives in Brisbane, Australia. A schoolteacher himself for twenty-five years, specialising in Foreign Languages and Classics, William decided in 1984 that someone else could do the next quarter of a century. He changed careers and worked for eighteen years as a probation and parole officer, although, as it turned out, there was little difference between being a schoolteacher and being a probation officer. Still the same challenge of the irresistible force meeting the immovable object, only this time without textbooks and a syllabus. In the mid 1990s William decided to turn seriously to writing. He attended a creative writer's course under the inspiring tutelage of Paulette Gee where he received an excellent grounding in the elements of the craft. Several of his short stories have appeared in collections published in recent years by Paulette Gee's own Debut Publishing Company. Nowadays William is a member of CrimeWriters Queensland and of the Fellowship of Australian Writers (Qld). His particular interest lies in painting psychological portraits of the characters he creates.

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