James Alabaster is a merchant banker on $250,000 a year (not including bonuses). He has a three-storey terrace, investment property, a share portfolio and a Saab turbo. He also has a 21-year-old blonde secretary who prefers if he doesn't use a condom. He has it all. And then he gets busted for insider trading.

Now Alabaster makes enough money to just survive by working nights in a Sydney video store. But he's got a new career now - a new reason to live - and that's the beautiful but unobtainable Carla Sully, the wife of one of Australia's richest men. But then Alabaster sees a side of Sully he never knew. A pornographic film in which Sully stars accidentally falls into his hands. This is the chance Alabaster has been waiting for.

Finally, a reason to contact Sully and let her know about the film...and himself. But then the other "stars" of the porno begin to die in mysterious circumstances. Coincidence? Conspiracy? Bad luck? The more time he spends with Sully, the more he learns about the cast and their past lives and the deeper he gets into a world of crooked cops and stand-over men.

Where blackmail and betrayal are daily occurances and where sex and death are intricately linked. Alabaster should drop everything and run, should get out while he can.

But Carla Sully is his now, she's within his reach, and he's not letting her go for anything...


Paul Thomas

Paul Thomas was born in the UK and grew up in New Zealand. He graduated from the University of Auckland and subsequently worked in journalism and public relations in Auckland, London, Toulouse and Sydney. He won the Australian Ned Kelly Award for his first book, Dirty Laundry. All of his books have been published internationally to widespread critical acclaim and commercial success. A full time writer, Paul has also worked in newspapers and advertising. He lives in Elizabeth Bay, Sydney, Australia with his journalist wife.

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Series: Tito Ihaka

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