Anna and Richard, a middle-aged couple who have faced unexpected trauma and upheaval in their lives, decide to move to Australia to start afresh. They leave their friends and two adult sons behind, determined to view the move as a mid-life adventure.

However, it isn't long before the cracks begin to show and then gradually deepen. As Anna fights to come to terms with how much her life has changed, and not necessarily for the better, Richard stoically throws himself into their new life. She convinces herself that he is happy and settled but something is not quite right.

Unfortunately, the thin veneer of happiness soon breaks apart and Anna is forced to face the awful fact that her husband has lied to her. He is now missing, with his last known whereabouts London.

From New Zealand to Australia to London, this book takes the reader on an enthralling rollercoaster ride as Anna searches for her husband and comes face to face with what she should have known from the beginning.


Cherie Mitchell

Cherie Mitchell is an Amazon bestselling author with a number of short story prizes, book awards, and literary commendations to her name. Her biggest prize to date was a complimentary trip across the world when her book The House At Sailor's Bay was ranked as a finalist in the Litnet Small Towns, Big Stories Contest.

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