Murder and intrigue in the English countryside When Belinda Lawrence first sees a piece of tapestry on an antique buying expedition, she is instantly curious. Could this be a missing piece of the Bayeux Tapestry? Belinda's friend and colleague Hazel Whitby is not so intrigued. She doesn't understand Belinda's fascination. When the tapestry comes into Belinda's possession through a strange series of events, she still can't arouse Hazel's interest, nor that of her boyfriend Mark. To them it is just a rag. But when two murders seem to be connected to the tapestry and other troubling events start happening around them, the trio realise there is a mystery to be solved.


Brian Kavanagh

Brian Kavanagh is the author of the Belinda Lawrence Cozy Mystery Series. He lives in Melbourne, Australia. Brian Kavanagh has many years experience in the Australian Film Industry in areas of production, direction, editing and writing. His editing credits include The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith, Odd Angry Shot, The Devil's Playground, Long Weekend, Sex is a Four-Letter Word and the recent comedy, Dags. He received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Australian Screen Editors Guild and is an accredited member. An Australian Film Institute award for Best Editing for Frog Dreaming (USA title The Quest). His first feature film which he produced and directed, A City's Child, won an AFI award for actress Monica Maughan and was screened at the London Film Festival as well as Edinburgh, Montreal, Chicago and Adelaide, where it won the Gold Southern Cross Advertiser Award for Best Australian Film..

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