When Detective John Morton's closest friend is murdered, he and his partner Regina Gardner find themselves dragged into a deadly game by a sadistic killer bent on revenge. A close friend and reporter receives threats from the killer and becomes another victim as the body count rises!

With every move they make, their tormentor is always one step ahead. Everglades Psychiatric Hospital on Sydney's North Shore holds the key and its secrets run deeper than Morton and Gardner could ever imagine. The suspects are numerous - the twists unexpected.


Randall Longmire

Randall Longmire was born in Adelaide, South Australia in 1973. Elephant Speak (2002), his first novel, introduces Sydney Detectives John Morton and Regina Gardner. It is Randall's first published title. His second title Static, another Morton and Gardner blockbuster, was published in October 2004. His third Morton and Gardner novel, Of Poisoned Minds, is yet to be released. Randall has also written numerous short stories and a childrens book. Now residing in Sydney, Randall lives with his fiance Kelli and their cat Polli.

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Series: Morton and Gardner

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