Reinventing himself after a life-threatening crash, data expert Samuel Usher embraces the self-destructive genius of Jules Way and Candy Strange. As their relationship deepens, all three descend into a drugged, twilight world. When a mysterious attack leaves Jules comatose, the city begins to black out and disappear, leaving Sam alone to discover what is real - and what truly matters.

'''Available in French translations / Also released in the UK:


Chad Taylor

Chad Taylor was born in New Zealand in November 1964. He grew up in Manurewa, South Auckland and read English and Art History while doing a Fine Arts degree at Auckland University's Elam School of Fine Arts. ("I wanted to do something creative and I wanted to find out how art worked. Also, all my favourite bands had gone to art school," he says.) While studying he wrote music and film reviews for Rip It Up magazine.

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