A man on fire, a self-imposed lockdown and a badly timed love.

When introverted junior architect Estelle says no to the annual holiday, her family become even more disgruntled with her than usual. Choosing solitude over a five star, eight-week international trip means even co-workers suggest she must be crazy, depressed, ungrateful - or all three. Estelle wants to close her doors and replenish her spirit without wearing any of the identities the world forces upon her. No amount of Veuve Clicquot on the Spanish Riviera could be better than the hibernation she desires. To accidentally fall in love with a very broken man is absurd timing, the opposite of being alone.

Trent’s wife left him after only a year of marriage. He took to drinking himself numb to medicate his life. The night he passes out holding a cigarette robs him of more than the standard "five minutes off your life per smoke". He wakes from a coma wrapped up like a mummy, third-degree burns calling his body home and absolutely no desire to fall in love again.

Never have eight-weeks been so life changing or terrifying. Estelle is taken to the very edge of herself finding out if the voice inside is to be trusted or if she is the entire idiot everyone thinks. What burns hotter – a body on fire, the unsolicited love found or the devilish laughter of people who think she is a fool?

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