All is far from well in what claims to be the world's ‘most liveable’ city… 

As former British secret service agent Bromo Perkins tries to establish an anonymous life as a travel agent in Melbourne, Australia, he finds himself being blackmailed into resolving murderous turf wars between property developers. 

The trouble starts for Bromo – who blends hard-man machismo with a soft touch with the ladies – when he is presented with a photo of himself in flagrante delecto with Aurelia Nuyen, whose husband Gerry is one of said developers. 

But besides art gallery owner Aurelia, there is Fiona, the beautiful minder of Gerry’s arch-rival Peter Rasheed, a punky Goth who works at the town hall, a high-ranking copper called Delia and a nightclub bouncer named Sonia. 

The question is, can Bromo keep all these ladies sweet as he uncovers an unholy mess of bribery, corruption and death as he tracks through the city’s less-than-savoury underbelly – a journey that reveals much about its seamy past and present. 


Tony Berry

Tony Berry has turned his hand to novel writing after a long career as a journalist in the UK and Australia, most recently as a sub-editor since 1990 with the Sunday Herald, the Sun and on the news desk at the Herald Sun.

His experience has embraced everything from local weekly newspapers to metropolitan dailies, and from trade and industrial journals to mass market magazines and high quality lifestyle publications.

As a writer, Tony has travelled all over the world reporting for tourism industry newspapers and later in his role as travel editor for newspapers including the Adelaide Advertiser, Sunday Observer and The Age. He has also contributed chapters and sections to international travel guides.


Series: Bromo Perkins

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008
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