Emily Tempest has been away from Central Australia for a long time - uni, travel, dead-end jobs. Finding trouble all over the world. Now she's back at Moonlight Downs, the community where she grew up, half in the Aboriginal world, half in the white. And true to form, there's trouble. An old friend brutally murdered and mutilated. An old enemy the only suspect. Until Emily starts asking questions.

Take a nail-biting mystery, an epic setting and a heroine with a talent for stirring things up. Throw in an affectionate flogging of outback Australia's melanoma-encrusted hide - and Diamond Dove may be the wittiest and most gripping debut of the year.


(Now released overseas under the title Moonlight Downs)


Adrian Hyland

Adrian Hyland studied classics and languages at the University of Melbourne. His career has included teaching English as a foreign language, songwriting, working in mines and on stations, as well as working in community development in remote aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory. He has drawn on his experiences living and working in indigenous communities, in the writing of his first novel, Diamond Dove. It is the first crime novel to feature an indigenous protagonist since Arthur Upfield's 'Boney' series.

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