Mike Felice is a life-beaten Melbourne detective about to turn 40 and craving inspiration. His past is shrouded in failure and personal short-comings. He finds his opportunity for redemption in solving a series of murders that lure him into the criminal underworld of Asian crime syndicates and suburban crime lords. Redemption comes with the possibility of a huge cash reward - but only if he breaks the laws he has sworn to uphold and protect. Mike needs to decide - Break the law, or win the cash. He need to decide fast as another cabal is working overtime to steal the money before he does.

Mike's victory over criminal big-wigs must come off perfectly, or his wasted life will go on wasting - if he doesn't wind up dead!


Anthony Santoro

Anthony Santoro was raised and educated in Melbourne's Northern suburbs. His parents are migrants - his father Italian; his mother Anglo-Indian. He has been, at times, a keen student, musician and businessman; but, always a writer and storyteller. Growing up in Melbourne's northern suburbs provided ample subject matter. For the better part, he dodged trouble. His current projects include the sequel to The Deception, titled Risk Management, and a film based upon The Deception. He is also working on another film with his brother.

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