Must DI Joe Horseman sacrifice his chance at love to catch a killer?

Only 5 more days… Horseman can’t wait for Melissa, his American girlfriend, to join him in Fiji. This time, he wants love to last.

So, when a young activist is murdered at Tanoa in the remote highlands, Horseman sets a deadline to crack the case. Too close a deadline, for Tanoa is beyond radio reach. What’s more, the villagers are steeped in the old ways and cannot be hurried. To get anywhere, Horseman and his partner DS Susie Singh must navigate both the back roads and the minefield of Fijian custom with care.

But the villagers have their own deadline: their chief has decreed Tanoa must atone for an ancient crime that still haunts the present.

As Horseman counts the hours to Melissa’s touch down, he has no idea of the dangers looming through the mountain mist.

Death by Tradition is the second book in the Fiji Islands Mysteries series. Crime fans who enjoy discovering exotic places will love B.M. Allsopp’s insight into contemporary Fiji. 


B.M. Allsopp

I grew up in suburban Sydney, on the edge of the South Pacific Ocean. Armed with an Arts degree and eager for exotic adventure, I signed on to teach in Papua New Guinea (PNG) for two years. The Papuan children in my first primary class won my heart and that fabulous land became an absorbing interest.

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Series: Fiji Islands Mysteries

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Review Death by Tradition, B.M. Allsopp
Karen Chisholm
Wednesday, October 16, 2019

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