It sounded like a murder that grew out of events, but Inspector Giovanni ‘Rex’ Matsuko was sure the events had been shaped to fit the murder. A body had been washed up. Drowning wasn’t a possibility, neither was suicide, the body didn’t have a head. Matsuko’s superior wanted it to be cut and dried, not the head, that wouldn’t be right, but they did have a suspect, the writer Giovanni Rex. 


Giovanni Rex

Giovanni Rex’s noir-ish novels cut a broad swath across the contemporary genre. This is part due to the complexity of time shifts, narrative voices, and bizarre characterizations. Part thriller, part literary musing, the author’s tone is a times a moral cry for a better society, with more compassion, less violence, but at others the pages are awash with blood and sex. Whom ever the author is, and there are plenty of hints within his novels to assume there is another hand behind the declared writer, an excellent puppet master is pulling the literary strings. He/she has taken the noir convention and cut it to pieces.

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Series: Giovanni Matsuko

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