Some secrets are worth dying to protect ...

Professor John Raymond lies paralysed and unable to speak.

His colleague, brilliant young medical researcher Breeanna Montgomery, is attacked by a shotgun-wielding stranger. Before the night is over, the man is killed, and Breeanna is fleeing from someone even more ruthless … and deadly.

Have those secrets already cost a life?

Rogan McKay’s search for his missing brother forces him into a dangerous act of deception as the trail leads him to Breanna. When he confronts her, a shocking chain of events reveals her family’s dark secrets.

One man’s dream is another’s nightmare ...

Nothing Rogan discovers about this woman will be as astounding as the truth behind the experiment Professor Raymond was trying to hide ...

In Dangerous Deception, survival depends on accepting who you are meant to be.


Sandy Curtis

Sandy Curtis was born in Biloela (Aboriginal for "White Cockatoo") in Central Queensland. From starting work as a typist in an accountancy firm at fifteen, she managed to get herself hired as a Junior Reporter. Started writing full-time in January 2001.

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