Because of a never-healed quarrel between Mike Langard's father and grandfather, 'Bregal' the house situated on the edge of large mangrove swamps, had lain empty for many years.

Now his grandfather was dead, and Mike had arrived in Gnarkona to take possession. To his astonishment, however, far from being empty, the house was full of queerly assorted guests, gathered to celebrate his homecoming. Amongst them was Inspector "Digger" Haig, Detective-Sergeant Swan, a strange personality called the Swimming Saint - and a corpse!


S H Courtier

Full name Sidney Hobson Courtier (28 Jan 1904-1974), born in Kangaroo Flat, Victoria. Australian teacher/principal; President P.E.N. (Melbourne branch) who has written 22 mystery/detective novels with series characters Inspector "Digger" Haig and Inspector (later Superintendent) Ambrose Mahon (often ingenious, sometimes in bizarre physical settings) 

Country of Origin
Review DEATH IN DREAM TIME - S H Courtier
Karen Chisholm
Tuesday, October 2, 2007
Year of Publication

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