The kid’s in a state – and if he doesn’t play his cards right that could read Islamic State. Terrorists want to recruit him but he’s too terrified to oblige. Instead he calls in Rainbow who finds himself in the thick of an affair that threatens to end in a bloodbath.

Can Rainbow prevent it? How can his gorgeous former girlfriend help? Is Babychino – the beautiful dame who suddenly bee-bops into his life, complete with equaliser – all she’s cracked up to be? And what’s happened to his daughter Imogene?

As Rainbow wades deeper into the mire, the case assumes what his Aunt Rube calls the colour of memory – indigo. Or should that be indiquoindicio or – as the one-legged assassin Rory has it – in-he-go?

One thing’s for sure, the morgue has never been busier …


C.S. Boag

The first indication that Charles Boag might have a career in fiction came in 1967 when a short story he wrote, “Aunt Maud” – a macabre tale of incest and madness – was placed third in a Sydney University competition and appeared in the university newspaper, “Honi Soit”. But since then, as he put it, “life got in the way” and he concentrated on journalism – general reporting for “The Sydney Morning Herald”, feature-writing with “The Bulletin” magazine, a couple of columns (for “Woman’s Day” and “The Bulletin”), newspaper editor (Blacktown and Parramatta Suns), and authoring a “History of Arnott’s”.  

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Series: Mr Rainbow

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