When a few too many dead bodies turn up on Sydney’s mean streets, Mister Rainbow’s too busy to investigate – until an old flame goes up in smoke. 

Then it’s no holds barred as the famous PI with the dancing feet finds himself pitted against the city’s crooked gamblers – and the dame determined to whip them into line … 

The Case of the Horses for Corpses, the third novel in the sensational Mister Rainbow series, is a modern story with a wink and a nod to the golden age of pulp fiction. With its memorable characters, witty dialogue and fast-paced plot, it signals the arrival of an arresting new Australian talent. 


C.S. Boag

The first indication that Charles Boag might have a career in fiction came in 1967 when a short story he wrote, “Aunt Maud” – a macabre tale of incest and madness – was placed third in a Sydney University competition and appeared in the university newspaper, “Honi Soit”. But since then, as he put it, “life got in the way” and he concentrated on journalism – general reporting for “The Sydney Morning Herald”, feature-writing with “The Bulletin” magazine, a couple of columns (for “Woman’s Day” and “The Bulletin”), newspaper editor (Blacktown and Parramatta Suns), and authoring a “History of Arnott’s”.  

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